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The MECCA of
Chicago Style Steppin & Walkin
 Hadiyah presents
  You In A Video.
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  Birthday Line for Steppin Steve

Birthday Line Dances for Birthday People​​

Theresa & George - Jazz 

Theresa & George (Orig Music)

          Johhny & Steppin Steve (Jazz)

  Johhny & Steppin Steve (Orig. Music)

                 Walkin' Jazzin It Up

                 Walkin'  Orig. Music

   Line Dancin' & Steppin Jazzin' It Up

   Line Dancin' & Steppin' Orig. Music

  Click here or on Photo for Good Time Productions Pictures on Sunday, October  27, 2019 in The Grand Ballroom, Chicago.

All That Jazz

Original:  Music by DJ Vell & Guest DJ Johnny Flow 10/27/19

All That Jazz 10/27/19

Original  10/27/19

All That Jazz

  Stay Tuned For More          Supreme Videos​​

Stay Tuned For Videos.

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taken at Ken Bedford & Phillip C.(Chosen)
Steppin, Steppin, And More Steppin Event.​
@  The Universal Entertainment Center,
Friday, 01/11/19 in The Chi.   
Music by DJ Steve Breeze &
DJ James Harris
Videos Soon, Right Here, So Stay Tuned


Luther Gage & Group

Luther Gage & Group